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Membership includes Australia Wholesalers & Dropshippers, UK Wholesalers , US Wholesalers & Dropshippers and eBay Ebooks Packages

Accessing our Australian Wholesalers & Dropshippers, US Wholesalers & Dropshippers and UK Wholesalers Directories will give you access to premium American, UK & Australian Wholesalers, Distributors, Suppliers and Dropshippers so that you can buy at exceptional wholesale prices saving anything up to 90% on retail prices.

Our directories are packed with some powerful and useful features such as rating and reviewing wholesalers so that not only you will have access to all the latest information but also first hand help from other members. Our research team also makes sure that our database of wholesalers and dropshippers is always up to date and our dedicated staff is always working hard to bring you the latest information available out there. Furthermore our unique system makes sure that only actively trading companies remain listed in our database.

Additionally unlike other directories and ebooks available on the net, we have created aliases for different wholesalers. This feature makes our directory out perform all other similar products available in the market or on the net. With this feature we have managed to exploit the true potential of each wholesaler for our members. Let us give you a quick example of what we mean by creating aliases. Imagine there is a wholesale company which deals in Designer Clothing and Jewellery. In most other directories you will find that the wholesaler is listed either under the Clothing or the Jewellery category depending on their main product line, however in our directory the wholesaler will appear under both the categories but will be counted only once when displaying the total number of unique wholesalers.

Australia Wholesalers Other Directories
Aliases for different wholesalers
Do not have aliases for different wholesalers
Wholesalers listed in various categories according to their product lines and industry focus
List wholesalers under single categories emphasizing on a single product line thus not utilizing the true potential of the wholesaler.
Wholesalers are counted once but still appear in different categories.
Wholesalers are either counted more than once if appear in different categories or will appear in only a single category
Over 45 main Australia Wholesalers categories
Generally have around 15 main categories
Over 60+ main US Wholesalers categories
Generally have around 15 main categories
Over 110+ main UK Wholesalers categories and many sub categories
Generally have around 15 main categories
Ability to view the number of wholesalers present in each category through our Demo members area
No such feature available
New Wholesalers and Dropshippers added to the directory are indicated by [New] for reference
No such feature available
Categories or Wholesalers and Dropshippers which have been updated are indicated by [Updated] for reference.
No such feature available

Advanced Search Feature:

Search Wholesalers in Specific Categories by Company name, Description, URL, Postal Address, Post Code, Phone number, Fax and Mobile Number, Contact Person, E-mail Address, Shipping Options, Payments Accepted, Sign-up Fee etc.

We also provide you the ability to search companies added within a specific time period e.g. in the last 30 days etc.

General or no search features
Ability to e-mail wholesalers details to yourself or your friends via our online emailing system
No such feature available
Ability to contact wholesalers directly through our online contact form.
Not all directories have this feature
Option to view the map route and acquire complete directions to the wholesalers' warehouse and offices.
No such feature available
Ability to view any products, price lists, images and documents left by particular wholesalers.
No such feature available
Ability to export a listing to a PDF file and save it on your desktop for later use.
No such feature available
Add reviews and ability to vote wholesalers. Can also refer to reviews left by other members helping you to make sound decisions whether to deal with specific companies or not. Take advantage of our members experiences.
No such feature available
Our directory is hosted on a dedicated server making it available 24 x 7 throughout the year
Generally hosted on shared servers with hundreds of websites on the same server.
Fully interactive directory. Members can suggest new categories and wholesalers for consideration to our research team.
No such feature available
You can have access to all the resources above for only $20.00

Other features of our member's only directories are:

img By subscribing to our members area you will gain access to our Australian Wholesalers Directory (1600+ genuine listings), USA Wholesalers Directory (5000+ Listings) and UK Wholesalers Directory (10000+ Listings).

img The directories contain details of Wholesalers and Dropshippers Company Name, Description of products they deal in, E-mail Address, Website Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Products Listings, Images and other relevant Documents where applicable.

img The directories are updated on a frequent basis ( at least four to five times a month ) and our unique system automatically checks for any broken links. Additionally our dedicated research team makes sure that new information and content is made available to our members on a regular basis. Please visit our Updates section to see how often new content is added to the members area.

img Our aim is to list only Australian Wholesalers but we realize that sometimes there is more profit in importing products from international suppliers, therefore we have also listed several importers who deal within Australia.

img Over 1600 listings of Wholesalers and Dropshippers in various categories within the Australian wholesale directory. Please visit our Demo Site to get a look and feel of our member's only site.

img 45+ main categories and many sub-categories for the Australia Wholesale Directory. Please visit our Categories List page for the complete list of categories

img Our research team is always on the look for new and most up to date information and we go all the way to visit various trade exhibitions, sales, markets and fairs to bring you the best possible resources available online and offline.

img Ability to instantly bookmark URL addresses of various wholesalers, vote, review and e-mail functions also available.

img Our directory is perhaps one of the only wholesale directory on the net where we list wholesalers in accordance with their product lines and industry focus.

img Instant sign-up and access. No need to wait for an approval of your account.


Feedback from some of our members

img Thank you, Since joining the site I have managed to increase my business revenue by 200% within a month. - [Andre Pearce]

img A brilliant site and a great layout. Keep up the good work. - [Joseph Conrad ]

img I was impressed to see that my request to add a new category was fulfilled with two days. - [Cyrille Lewis]

img I am impressed by your customer service and the quick replies to e-mails. I did not expect all this for such a low membership fee. Thank you. - [Richard Hawley]

img Simply an entrepreneur's heaven. - [Nina Verma]

img Excellent site, professional outlook and best of all regularly updated. This is exactly what I needed. - [Frery Goddard]

img I have been trading for over two years on the net. My primary sales are generated from my website. Due to the nature of my business I am constantly looking for new sources, wholesalers and suppliers. By signing up with Australia Wholesalers I don't have to spend hours on the net looking for these sources. I am also a frequent visitor of different trade exhibitions in Australia but this year I have decided not to visit most of them only because Australia Wholesalers is already presenting me this information through their portal. Easily my best spend on the net. - [Carol Morgan]

img I have already put to use the information in the members area and have recovered my investment. - [Corrine Massey]

img Wealth of information especially for someone new to trading. Could not have asked for anything better. - [Evonne Philips]

img Very professional and a well organized site. - [Martine Campbell]

img Glad that I joined the site on recommendation by my business colleague. - [Alan Stamp]

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We accept payments via Paypal and Worldpay. Both our payment processors and third party secured payment processors and use SSL encryption to ensure safer and secured transactions.

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