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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

We hope our FAQ page will help you to find an immediate answer to your query . However, if you still need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to help!

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jpg About our Directory :


Can anyone purchase products from the sources listed in the directory?
Yes - Although our directory was primarily developed for those either already in or wishing to start their own trading business, many suppliers listed on our database are happy to deal and sell directly to consumers that are simply looking for quality bargains and products for their own use. We recommend that you check with each supplier who they are willing to trade with. Another point to note is that some wholesalers will only deal with registered companies and in such cases they ask for specific legal information such as company registration documents.

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What makes Australia Wholesalers different to other directories available on the net?
Australia Wholesalers is an ONLINE members service where members can access our directory, and our directory is updated regularly on a weekly basis! Being an online service means that you can access our directory from any PC anywhere in the world! Most of the other online directories appear to be eBooks or hard-copy publications that can become outdated very quickly. With our service not only do you get access to all updates as and when they occur, you also benefit from other resources and very frequent updates we provide at no further cost to you. Additionally many wholesalers visit our protal on a very regular basis and submit their data and products. We are the only Australian wholesale directory which caters both the suppliers and the buyers bringing them on to a single platform.

Australia Wholesalers directory is only available here! Unlike our competitors we don't offer reprint or resale rights. This way, we can easily protect the content and quality of the information and content we provide to our customer base. Customers and webmasters of other online businesses can, of course, become affiliates - however our directory is only available on this site.

We list both online and a few offline sources, full website details of australian suppliers who have a website are included within our directory so that you can review their offerings where possible. Our directory includes additional features which are not available elsewhere. Our database is fully searchable with advanced search features.

We also provide complete support to our members and try to answer their queries to the best of our knowledge. Our members will always get a reply from us irrespective of the fact that we know the answer to their query or not.

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How much does it cost to subscribe to Australia Wholesalers and what do I get in return?
Our subscription is very affordable. You can check our current packages by either going to our Signup page or by clicking the join link at the top of this page. Becoming a member gives immediate access to our services and products - full access to all the supplier links and contact details we store in our database, to all the resources we provide - and to all the user features.

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How do I get access to the directory?
To access our members service, we accept a range of online payment methods.

Our online payment providers - PAYPAL and WORLDPAY provide a secure, encrypted and a safe online payment service. Once your transaction is completed you will get instant access to our members area.

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jpg About our Products :


What type of products does Australia Wholesalers sell?
The first point to note is that Australia Wholesalers does not, in itself, actually sell physical products or items.

The purpose of Australia Wholesalers service is to provide you with the contacts (i.e. suppliers, dropshippers, wholesalers & other sources) from where you can obtain products of interest at wholesale and discount prices. Australia Wholesalers lists sources that sell a wide range of popular consumer products, including: Audio Equipment, Baby Items, Bicycles, Books, CD Players, CD's & DVD's, Cigarettes & Tobacco, Computer Hardware & Software, Clothing & Footwear, DVD Players, Electrical Products, Fashion Wear, Freezers, Gardening Tools, Giftware, Hardware & Tools, Health & Beauty, Hobbies & Interests, Home & Garden Furniture, Jewellery & Watches, Kitchen Appliances, Mobile Phones & Accessories, Multimedia CD-ROMS, Radio Cassette Players, Refrigerators, Sunglasses and Frames, Sport & Fitness Equipment, Televisions, Toys & Games, Video Recorders, Washing Machines, Wines & Spirits - and a whole lot more!.

Please visit our Demo Site from the menu at the top of the page to get an idea of different Categories listed in our wholesale directory. Please note you will only be visiting a demonstration site and you have to open an account with us to access the members area.

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How cheap are the products?
The purpose of our directories is to help you locate some of the best deals in Australia - by providing a list of suppliers where you can buy products at substantially lower prices than retail. A number of products are even sold at up to 90% off the normal high street price. In many cases, our listed australian suppliers offer products that are brand-new. In other cases, they specialise in clearance goods, ex-rental stock, catalogue returns, discontinued models, etc. - and the market for these types of products is very attractive.

It is important to note that we do not claim to offer you the 'cheapest' prices around - as prices fluctuate on a daily basis it would be impossible to make this kind of proposition. The prices listed on our website are merely indicative and relate to a sample of products that a number of suppliers have sold in the past. However, the market is immense, there are thousands of suppliers in Australia for a wide variety of products, and unit prices will always fluctuate depending on market conditions and customer demand.

What we can say is that, based on our own research, our nationwide Australian Wholesaler lists are current and offer you some of the best deals around. Sourcing quality suppliers is not easy - it takes, time, money and effort to get the right contacts. We have done the hard work for you - by compiling over thousands of Australian wholesale sources into a single easy-to-use website. We have visited several trade exhibitions, markets, fairs, and have researched several trade journals to bring these contacts to you. Its now time for you to benefit from our efforts.

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Can you provide a product / stock price list?
It would be impossible for us to keep track of every suppliers stock and price list - especially in markets that are volatile. Our service provides the suppliers contact details - with reference to the types of products they sell. Although within our members area a wholesale products directory is available, where suppliers can list their products and price lists. Also our data entry staff tries to extract offers from various wholesalers and present them to you, hwoever our main focus is always to bring most recent and fresh wholesale suppliers contact details to our members and this is our expertise which differentiates us from our competition.

Partly what we ask from you or in other words your role is to contact the suppliers directly to enquire about stock and prices when you need them. What we can say with confidence is that suppliers listed on our database not only offer great discounted prices but they also pride themselves on offering great customer service too.

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What is the minimum order quantity?
Most of the listed wholesale suppliers in our database do not have any specific limits on level of minimum order - therefore it makes it easy for those that are simply wishing to use our directory to source single-item bargains or low-volume stock for their own use.

However, as our directory was primarily developed as a business information resource, some of the listed suppliers do have restrictions and deal directly with the trade customer only. Nonetheless, many of these sources have very low minimum orders levels or price limits for trade supplies - from as little as 3-4 items and around $50 to $100. In such cases we recommend incorporating your own company or operating as a sole trader.

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jpg About Australian Wholesalers Directory :


Who are the Wholesalers?
There are a number of Australia based wholesale sources listed within our directories. The types of suppliers listed include: Wholesalers, Distributors, Ex-Catalogue Stockists, Ex-Rental Stockists, Clearance Houses, Liquidators, Surplus Suppliers, Dropshippers and more.

In response to customer demand, we have extended the scope of the directory to include UK and US based suppliers - from which our members can source and import new and innovative products as they become available to the market. We currently have over 5000 American suppliers listed in our USA wholesalers directory and over 10,000 UK wholesalers listed in our UK wholesale directory.

So - in all - Australia Wholesalers is a great place to start to find quality contacts - whether you're looking to source products solely within the Australia or looking to import new products as they become available in the market from across europe and rest of the world.

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Does the directory include US, UK and Australian Dropshipping sources?
Whilst we offer one of the largest directory of Australian wholesale and trade sources on the net, we cannot confirm which suppliers specifically offer dropshipping - but we do encourage our advertisers to offer such a service. In fact recently we have seen more and more companies wishing to offer dropshipping services.

We have a separate directory of Australian Dropshippers for our members, where they are able to access various dropshippers contact and web details. Updates to our dropshippers directory are made on a regular basis and new dropshippers are included in the directory as and when they become available. Our prime focus is always on acquiring new Australian based wholesalers details and we we become aare that these wholesalers also operate as dropshippers, we reflect this in our Australian Dropshippers directory.

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How is Australia Wholesalers related to its Wholesalers?
It should be noted that Australia Wholesalers is not in any way associated or affiliated with any of the wholesale or drop ship suppliers listed in the members database. Contact details given for each supplier have been compiled through our own research, in co-operation with trade magazines, external sources and direct submissions from suppliers who have located our site on the net and use our service to advertise their business.

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I am a Wholesaler, How can I get listed in the Directory?
If you sell goods at wholesale prices and/or offer large discounts - we would be especially interested in hearing from you. Advertising your business on our Directory is currently free of charge! For further details please submit your listing her: Get listed or alternatively Contact us using our online form or visit our Advertising section.

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jpg About The Business Opportunity :


What kind of business opportunity is Australia Wholesalers promoting?
Although anybody can use Australia Wholesalers to find bargains, our service has been especially developed for those who want to develop a totally legitimate, viable and profitable trading business. This business simply involves purchasing Top Quality Branded Products at rock bottom prices - and reselling them for clear profits. In fact, thousands of people all over Australia are amassing solid & steady incomes by trading products such as those offered by suppliers listed in our wholesale directory on many trading portals like ebay.

A trading business - i.e. selling quality consumer goods for profit - is a particularly attractive business opportunity for a number of good reasons:

You run it at your own pace ... The business can be run on a part-time or full-time basis - simply build & grow it at your own pace. It can easily be run from home to bring in extra cash - or you could establish it as a full-time business venture that brings in your main income. The choice is yours.

No prior business experience or qualifications required ... Australia Wholesalers provides you with all the sources and contact details of wholesalers you require to get going.

Very Low Startup Costs ... You don't need huge amounts of capital to get started. Your starting budget can be as little as $40 to $50 - and by reinvesting your profits you can quite rapidly develop your weekly revenue to reach many hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars quite easily.

High Profit Potential ... The products you will be dealing with are the same as those you'll find in High Street Stores. The key difference is that you'll only be buying them at a fraction of the retail price! This means you can easily resell them by undercutting high street stores

Top Brand Products ... Many of the products sold by suppliers listed within our directory are top quality, well known brands that everyone has heard of - e.g. Sony, Panasonic, Hugo Boss, Raleigh, IBM, Hotpoint, Hoover, Phillips, Nike .. to name just a few. Once again, being familiar 'household names' , this makes your selling them so much easier.

High Customer Demand ... Many of the best deals involve buying ex-rental, ex-catalogue or liquidation stock, or products that are close to being discontinued. However, all goods are still in good working order as new and, being top quality brand-name merchandise, the fact is that they still attract very high customer demand.

You've got nothing to lose! ... Even if you find this business is not for you - you can always use the directory to buy the products for your own personal use. The savings you make will easily pay for the purchase of our membership many times over! - (Note: Not all wholesalers deal with individual customers)

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Do I need to be an established trader?
No - as a number of listed wholesalers also deal directly with the public. However, being primarily a business information resource many of our listed suppliers only deal with trade customers or companies. But don't worry!, our support team can supply you with company formation information and direct you to resources that will inform you about everything you need to know to set yourself up as a trader so that you can benefit from the great knock-down prices available!

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Is Australia Wholesalers some kind of MLM or Pyramid based business opportunity?
No - Unlike thousands of other online business opportunities offered online, we do not in any way suggest Australia Wholesalers will make you a millionaire overnight! This type of trading business is NOT a 'get-rich-quick' scheme or any form of MLM or pyramid based selling system. There are no 'down-lines' involved or commission structures of any kind. Quite simply - the type of business outlined within Australia Wholesalers is a simple trading business that has been done for centuries and involves sourcing top quality, high demand consumer products at a fraction of the retail price - and then reselling them for top level profit margins. With a little time, effort, and minimal expense, you soon can be running a highly lucrative and enjoyable trading business.

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What kind of qualifications or work experience do I need?
None - absolutely no previous business or technical experience of any kind is necessary to build a successful trading venture. Obviously the more you know the better it is, however we will provide your our complete support and will answer your queries to the best of our capabilities

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What level of initial investment is required to set up as a trader?
The level of investment you need, to start a trading business will obviously be dependent on what products you choose to trade with, where you source them from, and how many items you decide to buy in your transaction. However there is no specific limit on initial investment. Obviously, the greater the volume you acquire - the greater the discount most suppliers will offer. Its worth noting, that many successful traders have started their business ventures by stocking only 2-3 products at a time!

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