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Welcome at our website. Our aim is to keep this site "fresh" with the latest news, activities and events as well as new products available to our customers. What we promise is what we deliver... Independent research told us exactly what you want: freshness, guaranteed, consistency every time, quality - assured ... Here's how our obsession with perfection helps you...

Because life's too short to drink stale coffee, at our website we're obsessive about helping you make the perfect cup of coffee. That's why freshness is so important. If there's one moment that's absolutely critical it's the time between roasting and packing. One of Italy's most respected coffee roasters states that coffee packed eight hours after roasting has forty percent less shelf life than coffee packed one hour after roasting.

We'll we go further. Our promise is to pack our coffee within minutes of roasting which guarantees the freshness, flavors and aroma are unrivalled. We know we can deliver on our promise because of the scientifically controlled processes we have in place. Minutes later when the coffee is vacuum packed; our beans have entered an oxygen-free zone. Thanks to a combination of our Goglio Luigi one-way valves and the exclusive Australian designed triple-poly bags, no oxygen is allowed in but the naturally occurring CO2 released by the fresh beans is allowed to escape.

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