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We are a wholly Australian made product to remove pilling, also called fuzz, from most fabrics. It is not a clothes brush. Developed in Melbourne in 1993, we are now completely established throughout Australia and overseas as the only effective pilling remover on the market. It doesn't use batteries, have angry, sharp blades or use electricity. The product is simple to use; if you can use an electric iron, you can use it. So, you wanted to know a little bit about pilling, Well, there are as many theories about how it occurs as there are housewives asked. Pilling is the little knots which form on most modern fabrics, particularly woollen jumpers sweaters, tracksuits, and polar fleeces. Pilling is caused by minute threads working through to the surface of the garment and clotting into little knots, particularly where the most rubbing of the garment occurs: inside the arms, thighs, on the stomach and chest area. Some fabrics are worse than others. It will remove pilling from most fabrics, but not all; pilling, unfortunately, will almost always return although many garments eventually stabilise with age

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