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Our company is one of the major producers of exotic tropical flowers and foliage's established in 1985. Nestled into a corner of lush rainforest and bordered on three sides by the permanent waters of mckey creek, the area forms an oasis of jungle surrounded by fields of sugar cane. With over 10,000 square meters of lush tropical flower beds, some as high as 3 meters, and combined with the fact that we use virtually no toxic chemicals to grow our flowers, it is no surprise that the area is a haven for animals and bird life.

when next you are unpacking you box of exotic tropical flowers, you might spare a thought for our dedicated pickers who each morning, at dawn venture out into this dense wall of vegetation. Giant green tree frogs abound and a myriad of other frogs, lizards and creatures thrive in this environment, they form the staple diet for our rare and beautiful blue pythons and the huge brown water pythons. A rustle in the plants could be the dog chasing a bandicoot or it may be a wild boar snuffling around on the edge of the creek you're never quite sure. Although our pickers do know that the crocodiles in the creek help to keep the pig numbers under control, but, then again crocs have legs too!

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