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Our presence in Australia dates back to 1925 when our Company successfully negotiated the agency to sell our products. The head office of our company in Burwood, Victoria. The company has a nationwide presence, with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Traditionally it was a film-orientated company. A wide assortment of products, ranged from photographic film for amateur cameras up to films for graphic applications and health care. The photographic film, finishing and lab equipment activities will be continued by us. Which operates independently from us? The Company has moved rapidly to embrace the advantages of the digital era. Our company provides a wide assortment of products and services for three business groups. In the graphic industry, besides the traditional prepress films, we are now providing a full assortment of printing plates, related equipment and product software. In healthcare, our assortment ranges from the traditional x-ray films, including specialties like mammography and dental film, up to total digital solutions for health care. Other products in our diversity are positive film for cinefilm printing, as well as microfilm and other archival solutions. Now we supplies total integrated digital solutions in graphic systems and health care industries. The new approach has strengthened our presence in the Pacific and positions the company well to support the needs in this expanding market.

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