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Finding, selecting and roasting excellent green coffee isn't easy. Even tougher is the complex task of taking these coffees and creating a delicious blend. Gaining the experience and skill required to blend fine, single-origin coffees into an orchestra of harmonious tastes comes only after hours and hours at the tasting table.

our customers clearly appreciate our blends: over the years, blends have become an ever increasing part of our business, as customers discover that the complex flavours of a blend give them more pleasure than an individual single origin coffee.

Not only do we produce outstanding coffee blends, we are active in the coffee industry, operating our own café. We provide nationally accredited barista training for our own staff and the profession. We supply coffee and coffee cart & espresso services to the corporate world, markets and home customers.

We're proud of our coffee, so we roast our coffee and then deliver it fresh to your stores and mail-order customers, so it reaches you at its peak. I hope you enjoy our coffee. If you have a moment, drop me a note to let me know what you think.

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