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Dry your hands using a clean towel or hand dryer for at least 10 seconds. Where to use the Wash Your Hands Stickers. You can help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and disease by reminding people with these wash your hands stickers. These hygiene products are colourful, graphical and attractive and can be used to assist with hygiene in areas of Health and safety management Food handling areas (i.e.. Restaurant hygiene) School bathrooms School canteens Industrial Sites & Retail Outlets Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Planning Office Bathrooms Military Installations And any other area where you need to remind people to wash their hands. Washing Hands with soap can halve the number of young children suffering from pneumonia, the leading killer of youngsters under five worldwide. It can also greatly reduce cases of diarrhoea and impetigo, scientists said yesterday. Although it may seem simple and logical, Centres For Disease Control researchers in Atlanta, Georgia, have shown that improved hygiene could save many lives. “One of the things this research shows is that there are even more health benefits to the simple act of washing than we have previously appreciated.

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