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Affiliate Scheme

Earn 50% Commission

Whether you own a website or not, through our affiliate scheme you can earn additional revenue. By placing our promotional links and banners on your site or in your newsletters etc, you can earn 50% of every sale you generate for us. Additionally, unlike other affiliate programs you will also generate commission on any recurring payments. Furthermore unlike other affiliate programmes, our affiliate scheme is backed with a Compact P3P Policy thus making sure that visitors sent to our site are tracked successfully even if they have their privacy settings set to high.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

Through our affiliate scheme you will be able to earn 50% commission on every normal and recurring subscription. An example of how much you can earn is given below.

Annual subscription: Payment $30.00 | You earn $15.00

Four months subscription: Payment $20.00 | You earn $10.00

The point to note is that unlike other sites, we pay commissions for recurring sales as well. We want to make sure that you get paid for your efforts in bringing in each customer to our site.

For the number of visitors we get everyday, on average we convert 5% of these visitors to our members, which is considered a very high conversion to sale ratio. On our good days we have even reached conversion ratios as high as 20%.

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How do I get paid?

There are a number of ways by which you can receive your commission payments, however currently we are only paying out via Paypal.
In the future we will also be making payouts by cheque and through other payment processors like Nochex etc.

Once you have signed up with us as an affiliate, you will be required to provide us a Paypal e-mail address for any payouts. Opening an account with Paypal is free and if you do not have a paypal account at the time of signing up, then don't worry we will keep your commissions active until you are able to open an account with them. In other words you can become our affiliate right now and start promoting and acquiring commissions even if you do not already have an active Paypal account.

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How long do you track potential customers sent to your site?

We track all customers sent to our site for a period of 120 days. In other words, if someone clicks through your site to ours and doesn't subscribe straight away then don't worry - as you will still get the commission provided they come back within 120 days of their original visit!

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How can I check my affiliate stats?

Once you have signed up as an affiliate to our site, you will be provided extensive and complete reporting features within our members area.You will be able to see how many clicks you have generated and how many actual unique visitors you have sent to our site. In addition you will also be provided with complete statistics about your sales, commissions and payouts as shown below.

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What's different in your affiliate program?

There are a number of ways we are different from other affiliate programs.Most affiliate programs use cookies to track any potential customers sent to their site through the efforts of their affiliates. Although this is a standard procedure and works but if the customer's privacy setting are set to Medium or High then any new cookies will be automatically blocked and the customer will not be tracked successfully. If this customer goes on to purchase the product, the commission will not be generated and the credit and commission due to the affiliate will not be recorded. In other words the customer you sent to the site did purchase the product but you were not awarded for your efforts.

In order to avoid the above situation, the site you are sending the customer to, should be able to set-up cookies successfully on the customer's computer. Most people nowadays browse with their privacy setting set to high and hence block all new cookies. In such situations there is only one way to set-up a cookie and that is via an active P3P Privacy Policy installed on the website. Most affiliate programs will never mention this fact as they do not have such policies installed on their sites and all your efforts in sending the customers can very easily go down the drain. However we have made sure that our affiliates get awarded for every click and visitor they send to our site. Our P3P Privacy Policy can be viewed by clicking here

Even with standard P3P policies, cookies cannot be set on computers with privacy settings set to medium/high or above. We have even resolved this problem by setting up an additional Compact P3P Policy which allows setting up cookies on browsers with high privacy settings.

Apart from the cookie based tracking system, we also employ IP tracking as a secondary and more secure measure of ensuring successful tracking.

Another way we are different from other affiliate programs is that we award our affiliates for recurring payments. So if you send a customer to us, who signs up to our monthly paid membership subscription, then for every month that member pays us, you will be awarded 50% of that payment until the member expires.

Lastly our site is hosted on a dedicated server providing a 100% uptime guarantee and enhanced browsing experience. We want to make sure that when you generate a click to our site, the user is forwarded to us at all times. If we miss a sale then it's not only us losing on potential revenue but our affiliates are also suffering and this is completely unacceptable to us.

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Who can Join the affiliate scheme?

Our affiliate scheme is totally free to join and anyone who is interested in making an extra income can join us. Having mentioned that we strictly do not allow any spamming of our affiliate links or banners and accounts of any affiliates found doing so, will be instantly terminated.

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What support is available?

We provide complete support to our affiliates regarding our affiliate scheme. In our affiliate members area, you will be provided with complete set of banners and links , so that you can promote our site effectively. Affiliates are also more than welcome to use their own banner designs if they wish.

For further queries regarding our affiliate scheme please contact us through our online contact form.

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